I am currently developing a freelance creative learning platform called “Learn and Create” that will be available online soon. With her 20+ years of experience as a commercial photographer, artist, writer and educator, my site promises to satisfy the creator in you. I will provide inspiration and motivate anyone wanting to learn creativity through art techniques in multiple genres. The content will offer both free and paid educational tools and content. My goal is to provide a fun and personable connection while offering meaningful and useful insight and expertise.

I want to share my years of knowledge in photography, fine art, diy, assemblage, art decor and songwriting. I also have over 10 years of experience as an educator teaching principles of business practices and online marketing for freelancers. My platform will share years of mastery in these areas of expertise.

I am currently developing my online curriculum and video content which will include downloadable creative content to anyone online worldwide. The launch will include weekly tips, techniques and interviews through my YouTube channel and blog series called “5 minute Friday.” 

Over time as I grow this platform I plan to also offer art courses and content from other artists in multiple mediums. For the creative freelancer I want to help you learn how to leverage your work as an additional stream of income or a standalone business. Whether a pro, amature, beginner or hobbyist, my goal is to share great ideas, inspiration, resources and knowledge.

Stay Tuned for “Learn And Create!”