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Art by Sheri Oneal

Sheri the artist…

From the time Sheri was introduced to finger paint, paper, pencil and wood she has wanted to create. Her world of art revolves around words, images, texture and found objects. She creates her art by reconditioning old things...wire, chipped paint on wood, rusty metal, string, and items that have interesting shapes and angles into unique visual art. Often she will incorporate one of her photograph's in the assemblage of mixed media. Each piece of art comes from a memory or a concept that is always deeply thought out in the beginning stages but often takes on a flight of its own once put into motion. Her work is an extension of her personality, each piece contains parts of her personal life experiences and beliefs and always incorporates a deep moral or idea.

"My biggest reward with creating art is standing off in the distance and secretly watching people look at it. I love watching them dissect it and put their own meaning to it, the true gift of art is when someone connects with it and makes it their own. As an artist my goal is to create imagery that conveys beauty intertwined with items from an earlier time. I have to tell a story because it is where my art originates. As a business owner I want people to connect my name with the art and its style not my face with the name, it’s not about me but the work. I am a’s what I do and it is all that I know!"

Sheri is available for stock photography, assignments, commissioned visual art pieces and small writing assignments. Please send an email by clicking the green email icon at the bottom of this page

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